Bus Rider Parent Agreement

As we prepare for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, we would like to inform you of our process to request bus transportation for your student(s). All students currently assigned and riding a bus during 2023-2024, will automatically be rolled over for the 24-25 school year, unless your school specifies differently.  You will not need to register unless you have moved and need a change of address done. Note: Stops and times may be changed at any time.

All NEW students, in order to be considered while we are developing the routes, you are requested to register your child(ren) before June 15th. If registering after June 15th, it may delay the process and you may be assigned as time and room permits to existing stops as soon as possible. There is a possibility that late registrations may not be processed until after the start of school. There will be no exceptions for late registrations due to the time restraints. Please submit a bus transportation request form by completing an online application with our transportation vendor, A&S Transportation at your earliest convenience.  The online registration request form is now available and will remain so throughout the school year for all students and for any change of addresses that may be needed. Note: You may only register using your home address.  ONLY REGISTER ONE TIME, each time you register the same student it will drop you further down the list to assign.

Please visit the A&S Transportation website below to request transportation for the 2024-2025 school year.  Enter School Code: AAOH

Once you submit your request form, you will receive an email showing confirmation that it has been submitted and received for processing. By registering your student(s) you are agreeing to follow and instruct your student(s) on proper bus behavior. Parents are responsible to have their child at the bus stop 15 minutes before the actual stop time and wait 15 minutes after the stop time for the bus to arrive. 

All students must be standing and visible at the stop when the bus arrives. Drivers will move on to the next stop and will not wait for tardy students. Only students with a valid A&S bus pass will be allowed to ride the bus for safety reasons.

A&S Transportation will use the information you provide to confirm eligibility, route, and complete bus assignments. All students will be assigned based on transportation zone eligibility, seat availability, and on a first-come, first-served basis. Each student may only be assigned to one bus only, no exceptions. When your student(s) have been assigned to a bus, this information will be provided to you via e-mail or by the school. If registered before June 15th, you will receive your bus assignment/status via email a week or two before the first day of school. No information will be available until assignments are sent before the start of school.

If registering during the school year you will receive notification regarding your eligibility and assignment if qualified, via school or email in approximately 10-14 working days, sooner when possible.

New for 2024-2025:

Life is hectic enough. BusZone is our new parent app for you to track your child’s school bus whenever you need. Available on Android and iOS phones and tablets, BusZone makes it easy to know when the bus is arriving. This will eliminate text messages being sent or calls being made to find the location of your bus.

BusZone will make your day easier.

·         Look up the bus’s location anytime, anywhere.

·         Set alerts for timely information.

·         Know when there’s a bus or route change.

·         Avoid being stuck waiting outside in bad weather.

Plan your day knowing when and where the bus will arrive. Download the BusZone app, then enter basic student ID information so BusZone knows which bus to track. Safe. Secure. Password locked. Once this is running live, a flyer will be provided to the schools to post on their website.  This will assist parents when setting up BusZone. More to come.