CSA Testimonials

Good Afternoon Administrators!

I just wanted to let you know that I must applaud the way the school has jumped into this online virtual learning. I wanted to wait a little while to let things settle before I sent this. I just wanted to hopefully provide some encouragement to you and your staff from a parent’s perspective. A parent that is privileged enough to be able to work from home as well during this time. I’m sure the perspective of parents working outside the home could look differently.

Ms. Barnes – has really stepped up in this new learning environment. She has made assignments stay as much routine as possible so the kids know what is expected. She created a daily check list that has been a God sent to our family. She is very knowledgeable on the Teams system and based on what I can see puts in a lot of time making sure the assignments are easily accessed by the children on the different devices so that every child is supported. Taylor is able to make it through most things with little direction from me – and that is wonderful!

Last night I was able to do a parent/teacher call with Ms. Dellair. She too has been a wonderful asset in this new way of learning and provides her children with all the resources they could need to complete an assignment. Based on what I see she also puts in a lot of time – likely outside of working hours to make sure the kids have everything they need to be successful in her class.

I’m highlighting these teachers because I feel like they have really gone above and beyond but would echo that all the teachers both my children interact with are doing a wonderful job.

I hope this email finds you all healthy and doing well. Missing the PAMs FAM but thankful for all the work that has gone into setting up this virtual learning. Perhaps, this will be a consideration for the future!

Have a wonderful week!


K. Collis


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you! I've read so many post from friends and family about how homeschooling is super stressful. But Mrs. Keehn has made it truly as less stressful as possible. Rylee enjoys being on the computer and getting her work done. Mrs.Keehn has made at home assignments super manageable and very easy to catch up if we do have a bad day. 
Thank you PAMS for making remote learning easy! - S Walters, parent


"I did want to recognize Ms. Wynn for the structure of her online lessons. They are wonderfully put together and she draws me in to participate seamlessly. Thanks Ms. Wynn, you’re awesome!!" - Teachers thanking Teachers at Orange County Prepartory Academy



"You are an awesome principal Mr. Pickens. Parents like myself, appreciate your leadership and constant professionalism."
West Broward Academy Parent 

"Thank you for all you are doing. I know this is tough with virtual school. I can not imagine how stressful your side is with grading papers from different sources and finding assignments for our future lawyers, doctors, etc. Thank you for the most important job....your job...a teacher. A teacher that is doing a great job. Thank you again and have a great day." - Advantage Academy of Hillsborough Parent

Hello Mr Pickens,
First, I would like to thank you for an amazing job you have done for my family with West Broward Academy from day 1.  N. Pennant is my daughter and she thinks highly of you and so do I and her mom. Thanks for always communicating effectively with the calls each week. Thanks for all you do.
Best regards
E. Pennant

Good morning Principal Baggs,

When this all started, I was really dreading home-learning with Gillian.  I never ever wanted to home-school because I work and just don't think I have the patience for it. 
Well, I want to give you my POSITIVE feedback after this full week of learning. 
Gillian's teachers have done an incredible job of transitioning from classroom to home learning.  Both Mrs. Larra and Mrs. Clemetson have been helpful in figuring out the computer portion and their on-line meetings are informative and under control.  All of her teachers are putting up lessons that are keeping Gillian engaged and they seem to understand how my daughter learns. Gillian looks forward to seeing her classmates, if only for a bit, and she is enjoying her work. (How does that happen?)
I really want to say thank you to your teachers and staff for making this scary and unreal time less frightening for the kids. (and parents too)
I hope and pray that we can see all of your sunny faces in May! (I miss car dancing during drop-off)  But if we have to continue like this for the remainder of the school year, I know that Gillian will learn and thrive.  
Once again, thank you and your entire team for making this transition so easy.

Kindest Regards,

S. Horowitz

"Just wanted to say the 6th grade teachers have been doing fabulous job on live sessions on the team's class pages! thank you for all the hard work on this during this difficult time for our county." - Parent at Riverview Academy of Math & Science.


"I just finished an impromptu video chat with a kindergarten student (Juliana) and her Nonna. I feel so accomplished…I taught 70+ yr old Nonna how to code. She felt proud since she hadn’t used a computer in 10 yrs."  😊 Jacqui Pellegrini, Elementary Technology Teacher



Digital Learning has been a positive experience for my son and I.  We have so many different resources that we can use from Math, to Science, to Computers, to Spanish and P.E. He loves getting on the computer every morning to get in a quick call his friends and teacher. He is excited about seeing them and learning using the tools available. His teacher has been doing a great job with organization and communication.  She has videos, sign ins and directions at our fingertips.  She is always available and ready to help. Our first week of distance learning was a total success.  We are so thankful for everyone that has been working behind the scenes and in the front line for making this transition so easy for us.

Forever grateful, 
M. Nicholls 
Pictured - David Vidal 1st Grade.  Mrs. Briemon Class

“Mrs. Frantzis is a rockstar. She did such a great job on the on-line stuff this morning. She is a fabulous teacher. Emilee loves her. I thought I would share good comments for you. I’m sure you’re hearing enough negative. Great job!! I’m impressed with how quickly the school is getting this up and going. 🤓” - PAMS Parent






"Thank you for all your guidance and info, this is going great! You did great this morning on your first live session."




"We logged on and decided to focus on science/Mystery Doug. Evan watched the videos on storms and germs. He drew a picture of a storm. We also practiced how to cough and sneeze, and how to properly wash hands. We actually are doing the bread experiment ourselves and will post in a few weeks our results!"

“Good Morning, I have to say, all of these teachers are amazing! They were facilitating the meetings like experienced pros. It was awesome to see the faces of the students as they heard their friends talk and watched as their faces popped onto the screen. The teachers are already engaging their students in this new and exciting way… on day one 😊I just wanted to share this bit of positivity today. Have a great day,” - PAMS Parent